Movement or Lack Thereof


My current best friend — a bag of frozen peas.

It’s been one of those weeks folks friends peeps. I realized around, say, Wednesday I haven’t exercised since the New Year’s Day 5K. Why you say? My foot is why. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and that 5K messed me the hell up. It took two days for my foot to return to somewhat normalcy, well if having plantar fasciitis is normal and you still hobble around sometimes, and it sucked. I’ve also noticed over the past two weeks my ankle on that same foot hurts, but it’s not swollen. It doesn’t hurt if I touch it, poke it or even squeeze it so I don’t think I injured it per se…but it’s just not quite right. I should get an X-ray. Yes, I know this. I’ve used some Aleve and occasional icing but I’m hoping with some ice-a-thons this weekend it will finally clear up. Normally I’m not this stubborn when it comes to physical pain but I’m trying to avoid bills if I can help it. With the start of the new year my lovely insurance now that costs an arm, leg and a foot (haha) until I hit $1,500 for a deductible, plus co-pays.

If your foot hurts then your whole body hurts. Yes, indeed.

I come home and crash on the couch because my entire left foot is pissed off. At work my foot will bother me while I’m sitting in my chair. The irritation even makes me fuss at times when I sleep because I can feel the discomfort. And forget a weekend day full of errands, some shopping and out-and-about for the afternoon, no bueno.

The lack of exercise also means I’ve already fallen off my commitments I set for myself in 2014 under the health and fitness category. I’m not throwing away the year, no way, but I’m sure bummed that it didn’t start off with the bang I fully intended to.

Here’s the question:

Why is that now, when I’m basically immobile for cardio and strenuous sessions, I want nothing more than to hit the treadmill to sweat it out, clean my house from top to bottom or do a Zumbathon?

I. don’t. get. it.



  1. Seriously – injuries are the worst. Remember when I sprained my ankle. Ugh. It’s a huge expense…the x-ray, but get it done! You need answers…and you need to recover.

    1. Oddly enough this weekend my ankle has felt far better than it has since this all started up—and it’s all because I’ve been icing it. Imagine that! I’m so damn stubborn. I’m going to give it a few more days before I attempt a cardio session.

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